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"Hail, Bast, Lady of Cats.
Hail, Goddess of earthly delights.
Teach me to rejoice in the being that I am.
Teach me to love and be happy."

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Nov. 25th, 2005 @ 06:52 am Chausies... *drool*
Hey there. I don't currently own a chausie, as I'd like to wait until my daughter is a little older to introduce a large feline... (I have my eyes set on a large F1 male... he's about 55 lbs right now) but have wanted one for YEARS, and live relatively close to a reputable breeder. I'm seeing that no one else has joined this community, and that's a shame. I think it's due to the severe lack of knowledge about the breed. Have you commented about your community to the few people who are listed as having chausies in there interested lists?

**edited* Yeah, no, my "3" key didn't work and my "5" key stuck. He's exceptionally large at 35 lbs, at 55lbs he'd just be a mutant. FYI, he's a retired breeder currently privately owned, and his owner can no longer keep him... I know he'll have been rehomed by the time I am actually capable of purchasing one of these AMAZING animals, but I still drool over him... ;)
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